Five Stones (Gomoku)

4.3 ( 7233 ratings )
Games Amusement Bord Strategie
Developer: Seven Plus

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This is a casual and brain-training "Five in a Row" game.
To win the game, you should place 5 same stones adjacently in a horizontal, vertical or oblique line.

Here are its features.
● The background of "Chinese Brush Drawing" style makes the game simple and elegant.
● Convenient operations make the game control easy.
● You can zoom or move the board without the limitation of the screen.
● The "Undo" function will keep you from the trouble of stone misplacing.
● You can set "Single Click" or "Double Clicks" for a stone placing.
● An option is supplied for you to choose if the restriction rules are applied or not.
● The game will be saved automatically on the occasion of game breaking.
● Besides playing vs the Computer, you can still play vs one of your friends together.

This is a game for the clever. Comon, try it please.